Man (and woman) cannot live on Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Pinot Noir alone. That is why I coined the term "Forgotten Grapes" back in 2006 and created Chris Kern's Forgotten Grapes Wine Club: to share my passion for the uncommon grapes of wine, and let wine lovers just like you taste some of the rarest wines on Earth, and do so without breaking your bank.

Every February, May, August, and November for just $149 per shipment*, I curate and hand-select for my wine club members six bottles the finest single-varietal Forgotten Grape wines on the planet.

Each shipment showcases three unique Forgotten Grapes -- a white, a lighter red, and a bolder red -- and provides you with an exemplary International example of each varietal wine alongside an outstanding Domestic version as well.

You can try both side-by-side to discern the differences. Or invite your friends over for the most thought-provoking and conversation-worthy wine tasting party you will every experience. 

It's a Master Class in Rare Varietal wines delivered to your doorstep four times a year. And for less than you would spend on the mid-shelf Cabs, Chards, and Pinots you are probably drinking over and over again right now. 

In addition, all Chris Kern's Forgotten Grapes wine club members receive:

  • Extensive tasting notes and detailed histories telling the stories behind each Forgotten Grape varietal, the wineries producing our featured wines, and the specific wines you will be tasting.
  • Exciting food pairing recommendations for every wine in the shipment
  • Deep discounts of 20% to 60% on additional bottle purchases of each shipment's wines. 
  • Exclusive online "virtual wine tasting events," where you can drink along with Chris and ask questions to Chris and his special winemaker and celebrity guests (coming in 2016)
  • $20 flat rate shipping to anywhere we can ship wine in the United States
  • A FREE quarterly pick-up party where you can interact with fellow club members and taste all six shipment wines before you take them home.

Truly, there is no wine club in the world like Chris Kern's Forgotten Grapes Wine Club. If you are like me and have an adventurous palate and a driving spirit to always try the new and unusual, or if you have just grown tired of the same old wines, you must become a Chris Kern's Forgotten Grapes wine club member today. 

Remember, there is no excuse to drink mediocre wine, and don't be afraid to drink. something. different.


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Discover the six Forgotten Grape wines our club members received in their most recent Chris Kern's Forgotten Grapes Wine Club shipment.

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